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About Us

Lajli offers pleased publishers the skill to earn max revenue from each and every impression your website serves. Lajli helps you set up important advertisment campaigns based on advertiser’s demands and present Webmaster a generous range of tags that can be displayed on the web site or in an application.


Lajli online Advertising Network provides an easy-to-use interface where advertisers and agencies can create, run, monitor and optimize their campaigns from anywhere at any time. Create your ads using our advertising platform and make top quality leads to your websites from our huge publisher network. Our system supports all industry standard formats. You can manage the target audience by configuring filters based on keywords, geo-locations, display devices and language.

  • Instant replenishment
  • Real time reports
  • Advanced targeting
  • campaigns all over the world
  • High quality inventory


Keep more revenue in your pockets with Lajli publisher-first adtech. Our things and services seamlessly level on top of existing revenue communications to make it easier to sell direct or at auction. Monetize your website content and earn revenue with our advertisements. We give publishers with the most control, best customer service, and highest payout possible. Discover how Lajli can monetize your website with our various ad formats.

  • Fast Statistics
  • Various Ad Formats
  • 24/7 Support
  • Greatest revenue and eCPM
  • Ontime Payments

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Our progressive creative team has full-service digital opportunities and is dedicated to navigating the mixture of digital media for our clients in order to give them a complete solution to their digital needs.

  • Display
  • Video
  • In-banner
  • Performance
  • Mobile

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